Embryology Certificate Course – 2 Weeks

This intensive 2 week course is designed for medical and science graduates who would like to develop embryology laboratory skills to perform clinical embryology laboratory procedures in the IVF centers. Both embryology and semenology laboratory techniques will be taught on a one to one basis with close monitoring.

Course Content

Modules 1: Andrology

Comprehensive Semen Evaluation

  • Evaluation of sperm morphology according to strict Kruger (Tygerberg) criteria
  • Classification of semen according to various criteria
  • Sperm Function tests: Sperm-Hyaluronon Binding Assay and Sperm DNA fragmentation test and Sperm survival test.

Processing of Semen for IUI

  • Simple swim-up method
  • Sperm gradient method
  • SEPD method

Semen Cryopreservation

  • Method of semen freezing
  • Method of semen thawing
  • Processing of frozen semen for insemination

Module 2: Embryology

IVF Laboratory Methods

  • Selection of disposables and culture media
  • Selection, familiarization and operation of IVF lab equipment
  • Preparation of IVF laboratory for oocyte collection
  • Preparation of culture media/dishes for oocyte collection, culture and processing of semen. Examination of follicular fluid for oocytes, isolation and further culture
  • Processing of semen for insemination of oocytes
  • Method of insemination (short co-incubation) and further culture
  • Day ??? 1 Fertilization check, classification of zygotes and further culture
  • Day 2 ??? Assessment of embryos
  • Day 3 ??? Assessment of cleavage and selection of embryos for transfer
  • Blastocyst culture method-evaluation and classification of blastocysts
  • Method of loading the embryos into the catheter
  • Maintenance of lab equipments and daily monitoring
  • IVF lab maintenance – daily, weekly and monthly

Module 3: Micromanipulation

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

  • Familiarization and understanding on the proper use of the inverted microscope and micromanipulators
  • Selection of appropriate tools for micromanipulation
  • Setting up of micro tools in the micromanipulator for ICSI
  • Preparation of micro droplets
  • Selection and immobilization of spermatozoa
  • Use of holding pipette in the handling of oocytes before micromanipulation
  • Microinjection of oocytes
  • Assessment of fertilization after ICSI
  • ICSI trouble shooting

Module 4: Cryopreservation

Embryo Cryopreservation


  • Selection of embryos for cryopreservation
  • Selection of appropriate vitrification solutions
  • Selection of appropriate devices
  • Process of Vitrification

Warming of Embryos

  • Selection of appropriate warming solutions
  • Warming method
  • Assessment of embryo survival