Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology

Infertility affects 15-20% of married couple and childlessness is a huge social problem. In Vitro Fertilization/ICSI is an advanced treatment which benefits majority of infertile couples.?? There are hundreds and thousands of IVF centres all over the world?? that offer treatment to infertile couples and the number of IVF centres in Asia, Africa and Middle-East will increase in the next 5 years. There is already a serious shortage of embryologists who work in the IVF laboratories. To meet this demand and produce skilled embryologists, Asia Pacific??Institute of embryology in association with Pearl-Singapore Fertility Centre & Research Institute, Chennai, India offers the following certificate courses.
The following intensive hands-on courses will be taught by world renowned Dr Suresh Kattera:

  1. Embryology course-2 weeks
  2. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection course (ICSI)- 1 week
  3. Vitrification course-1 day